Top Things to do in Litchfield National Park

Lichfield Termite Board walk

After writing a post on the key things to keep in mind before visiting Darwin, it has been quite some time since I planned to write about the attractions in Northern Territory including Litchfield National Park. It was towards the end of wet season when I visited Darwin.  I had Kakadu, Katherine & Litchfield National Park […]

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A Day Trip to Figure 8 Pools

Figure 8 Pools

First time I came across Figure 8 Pools was in an article and since then I always wanted to visit this geological spectacle . Finally, I got an opportunity and the next thing I know is that I am on a bus on my way to Figure 8 Pools. So, what is ‘Figure 8 Pools’ ? […]

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Tasmania in Winter – A Photo Essay

When I planned for a trip to Tasmania in Winter, few of my friends asked why . It will be cold & damp. Why don’t you go in in spring instead ? I had my strong reasons. Always I prefer off-peak season due to multiple reasons. Less crowd, less expense & more enjoyment. What more […]

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Is Travel the Easiest Hobby to Pursue?

Last month I was attending the workshop for a new project when we were asked to introduce ourselves by drawing a picture of one thing which we are passionate about. The facilitator introduced herself with a picture of the globe. The second person also had a travel related picture. Third was me, who obviously had a picture […]

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A Day Trip to Bondi

Waverley Cemetery

  Bondi Beach was one of the sights which left me awestruck when I first visited Australia way back in 2008. This iconic beach of Sydney is less than 10 km away from the city. While deciding to spend a day in Bondi, it would be good to keep in mind that Bondi is not just about […]

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Top 9 Things to do in Broken Hill


When I returned from my holidays in Broken Hill, I was asked by a Colleague “why would you go all the way down to Broken Hill?, after all what is there to see?” Honestly, I was disappointed. That statement was a true indication of how much underrated Broken Hill was. However I must agree, Broken […]

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Top 11 Things to do in Fiji Islands

Sunset in Fiji Islands

What to do once you reach an Island? Fiji is one such place where you have a lot of things to do once you choose an Island to explore. I have written a post on how to plan a trip to Mamanuca Islands. Once you reach Mamanuca Islands or any of the Fiji Islands, you are in […]

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How to Plan a Trip to Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands is a group of 20 islands in Fiji which can be accessed from Port Denarau in Nadi.  Mana island is one among them which I had an opportunity to visit.The turquoise water provides a stunning array of activities including snorkelling, diving, kayaking etc. Here is how I planned my Mamanuca Islands/Mana Island trip effectively. […]

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Top 12 Things To Do in Queenstown


Every time I visit Queenstown, I wonder how much this little place has to offer. Queenstown is one city which holds a special place in my heart. When you visit NewZealand, usually your trip starts in Queenstown, Auckland or Christ Church. I would suggest to leave Queenstown for the last, it being the best! Here  is […]

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