10 Tips for Minimalist Packing 

10 Tips for Minimalist Packing Minimalism, for me, is all about getting rid of clutter so that there is room for things & experiences which brings abundance. Avoiding the claws of consumerism and thereby the travel products which come up in the market every single day, help you travel light as well as more responsibly. […]

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The Great Alpine Road, Australia

The Great Alpine Road

Being insanely in love with Road Trips, I think I ended up in the right place – Australia where the distance between places is large and diverse. I had been lucky enough to drive through The Great Alpine Road of Victoria, which is regarded as one of the best driving routes of Australia. If you […]

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Things to Do in Mare Island

Things To Do in Mare Island

Maré Island – Where the Time Stands Still  I need to confess that I had not heard (or rather paid attention to) about the island Mare, until I booked my ticket one week prior to the departure date of a cruise bound to South Pacific Islands. So it is only reasonable to explain where it is […]

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15 Reasons Why Cruise Holidays are so Popular

15 Reasons Why Cruise Holidays are popular

During the last Christmas, I have been on a Cruise to New Caledonia & Vanuatu, the South Pacific. This was my first long cruise ever and I did enjoy it very much.  Australia is one of the countries where cruising is gaining more and more popularity may be because of our easy access to ports. […]

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Why “Not Travel Blogging” was a Good Idea

Not travel Blogging Good Idea

The Journey When I went online with my travel blog www.whyyouwander.com in June 2016, I was thrilled. I got into it totally understanding what it takes to make a Travel Blog successful. Time, Consistency & Quality. With a demanding job in hand & too many things going on, I started my journey. Though it was […]

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Top Things to do in Litchfield National Park

Lichfield Termite Board walk

After writing a post on the key things to keep in mind before visiting Darwin, it has been quite some time since I planned to write about the attractions in Northern Territory including Litchfield National Park. It was towards the end of wet season when I visited Darwin.  I had Kakadu, Katherine & Litchfield National Park […]

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A Day Trip to Figure 8 Pools

Figure 8 Pools

First time I came across Figure 8 Pools was in an article and since then I always wanted to visit this geological spectacle . Finally, I got an opportunity and the next thing I know is that I am on a bus on my way to Figure 8 Pools. So, what is ‘Figure 8 Pools’ ? […]

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Tasmania in Winter – A Photo Essay

When I planned for a trip to Tasmania in Winter, few of my friends asked why . It will be cold & damp. Why don’t you go in in spring instead ? I had my strong reasons. Always I prefer off-peak season due to multiple reasons. Less crowd, less expense & more enjoyment. What more […]

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