10 Tips for Minimalist Packing 

10 Tips for Minimalist Packing Minimalism, for me, is all about getting rid of clutter so that there is room for things & experiences which brings abundance. Avoiding the claws of consumerism and thereby the travel products which come up in the market every single day, help you travel light as well as more responsibly. […]

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15 Reasons Why Cruise Holidays are so Popular

15 Reasons Why Cruise Holidays are popular

During the last Christmas, I have been on a Cruise to New Caledonia & Vanuatu, the South Pacific. This was my first long cruise ever and I did enjoy it very much.  Australia is one of the countries where cruising is gaining more and more popularity may be because of our easy access to ports. […]

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Why “Not Travel Blogging” was a Good Idea

Not travel Blogging Good Idea

The Journey When I went online with my travel blog www.whyyouwander.com in June 2016, I was thrilled. I got into it totally understanding what it takes to make a Travel Blog successful. Time, Consistency & Quality. With a demanding job in hand & too many things going on, I started my journey. Though it was […]

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Is Travel the Easiest Hobby to Pursue?

Last month I was attending the workshop for a new project when we were asked to introduce ourselves by drawing a picture of one thing which we are passionate about. The facilitator introduced herself with a picture of the globe. The second person also had a travel related picture. Third was me, who obviously had a picture […]

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How to unplan your Travel ?

“Corie: And you’re not. That’s just the trouble. Like Thursday night. You wouldn’t walk barefoot with me in Washington Square Park. Why not? Paul: Very simple answer. It was seventeen degrees. Corie: Exactly. That’s very sensible and logical. Except it isn’t any fun.” “Barefoot in the park” is an interesting movie where the characters engage in simple […]

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