Why “Not Travel Blogging” was a Good Idea

Not travel Blogging Good Idea

The Journey When I went online with my travel blog www.whyyouwander.com in June 2016, I was thrilled. I got into it totally understanding what it takes to make a Travel Blog successful. Time, Consistency & Quality. With a demanding job in hand & too many things going on, I started my journey. Though it was […]

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Is Travel the Easiest Hobby to Pursue?

Last month I was attending the workshop for a new project when we were asked to introduce ourselves by drawing a picture of one thing which we are passionate about. The facilitator introduced herself with a picture of the globe. The second person also had a travel related picture. Third was me, who obviously had a picture […]

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Top 12 Things To Do in Queenstown


Every time I visit Queenstown, I wonder how much this little place has to offer. Queenstown is one city which holds a special place in my heart. When you visit NewZealand, usually your trip starts in Queenstown, Auckland or Christ Church. I would suggest to leave Queenstown for the last, it being the best! Here  is […]

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How to unplan your Travel ?

“Corie: And you’re not. That’s just the trouble. Like Thursday night. You wouldn’t walk barefoot with me in Washington Square Park. Why not? Paul: Very simple answer. It was seventeen degrees. Corie: Exactly. That’s very sensible and logical. Except it isn’t any fun.” “Barefoot in the park” is an interesting movie where the characters engage in simple […]

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