A Day Trip to Figure 8 Pools

Figure 8 Pools

First time I came across Figure 8 Pools was in an article and since then I always wanted to visit this geological spectacle . Finally, I got an opportunity and the next thing I know is that I am on a bus on my way to Figure 8 Pools.

So, what is ‘Figure 8 Pools’ ?

Figure 8 Pools is a cluster of naturally formed rock pools located in coastal headlands in Sydney’s Royal National Park. Royal National Park (which Aussie’s lovingly call as ‘Nasho’), is  located 40 mins away from Sydney and is the second oldest National Park in the world (after YellowStone).

My trip started at sharp 730 AM on a Sunday morning from Central. The drive was around 40 mins until we reached Garrawara Farm.

The Track

It was the perfect day with bright sun. From the Garrawara Farm Car Park we head towards Burning Palms beach down the hill.

Figure 8 Pools Track

The trail begins with  tall trees turning into lush green bushes and the amazing views of the coastal line.

Figure 8 Pools Coastal view

The refreshing walk takes you to the Burning Palms Beach in around 45 mins.


We took a short break at the beach and it was the perfect time for some beautiful pictures. Very thoughtful of the team to ensure we are at the right place at the right time of the day to take the perfect pictures!

From the beach, the coastal walk continues towards the right-hand side ( south) but this time, it is sharp rocks and steep edges we have to walk through . This is the hardest part of the track . We ended up seeing a girl who hurt herself as she was not wearing the right shoes.

Figure 8 Pool Rocky Patch

En-route to the pools are the rocky patches & sharp stones covered with seaweeds, Neptune’s necklace, and little starfishes.

Figure 8 Pool - Neptune's necklace

Another 30 minutes of the walk, you are in for a beautiful sight of the naturally formed figure 8 pool.

Figure 8 Pools

Apart from the Big pool which is clearly defined, there are few others which are under formation. Also few of them are big enough for a short swim. A great location for photography too.

Figure 8 Pools

Access to the pools is safe only when it is low tide as the waves can crash across the rock platforms. We were visiting at the end of winter and during the first half of the day which allowed us to view the pools in isolation. However, it seems to be a crowded place in summer.

Wanderer’s Tip 

  • It is advised to check the wave size & tide height before traveling to the pool as it is risky otherwise
  • Though public transport is available it will be safer to travel with an experienced group
  • There are no food or toilet facilities available anywhere along the route from the Garrawarra Farm car park.
  • There is no lifeguard service available
  • Phone reception is limited and almost non-existent at certain areas.

Figure 8 Pools

After a nice dip in the rock pools, we headed back . The return hike is uphill which is quite steep. Allow enough time for the return.

Figure 8 Pools

We headed to Stanwell Tops Park where we were offered a freshly barbequed Australian Lunch by the crew. The food was yummy and generous to fill our hungry & tired tummies.

Australian Barbeque

Next location was Wattamolla which is 40 mins away from here . On the way, we spotted the glimpse of  whales in the ocean, though from far away. Wattamolla has a great view point which is easily accessible as well as a beach and a cliff. After spending some time in Wattamolla we returned back to Central. At the end of the

Wattamolla has a great view point which is easily accessible as well as a beach and a cliff. After spending some time in Wattamolla we returned back to Central. At the end of the day, we were offered a drink at the nearest Pub.


Overall it was a great day. Wonderful team of Adam, Smokey & Debbie at Bare foot Down Under made sure the trip is enjoyable for everyone ( special mention to the Aussie humour ! ) This carefully tailored trip ensures the visitors get a good view of the best outdoor locations in Sydney and is a definite value for money.

Why You Wander was welcomed to Figure 8 Pools by www.barefootdownunder.com.au, however, all opinions are my own!


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    1. Yea , I too heard about it quite recently. Recently I heard that many more people have started visiting . When I was returning we saw the helicopter rescue coming down to help a girl who got her leg hurt as she was wearing some sloppy sandals… Nice shoes is a must ! Hope you enjoy your walk 🙂

  1. Nice post! The pools are beautiful and it looks like you had an enjoyable and full on day of trekking and sightseeing. I’m adding this one to my Australia bucket list.

  2. I have never heard of these pools before there! Oh my goodness, I really would love to go see these, your pictures are stunning. Thank you for sharing this, it has been added to my bucket list!

  3. The reflection shot of the handstand at the pools is top notch. I really like visiting the ocean in the winters when you can get the place to yourself. I imagine this scene over run with summer tourists and it seems like it would loose something.

  4. You can see why they are called the figure 8 pools! This looks like a great walk and a great place to visit. I assume the water was perfectly warm in the pools? The BBQ photo is making me very very hungry right now too!

  5. I keep seeing photos and videos of this place popping up all over social media, and for good reason! What a GORGEOUS post! 🙂 Plus, I love that you go beyond the pretty and provide practical tips for visiting, as well. I’m beginning to think we’ll never get to Australia (flying from East Coast USA can get a little pricey), but this is yet another thing to add to my ever-growing list 😀

  6. Ok, so after reading this post, I feel a little embarrassed, I was in Australia for 2 years and lived in Sydney for most of that and I never once went here, and now reading this post I wish I did – Well when I go back home (I class Sydney as home) I will make sure to visit it, the pools look amazing, and good that you got a glimpse of whales too.

  7. Stunning, just quality photos! I’ve never stepped foot in Australia, and to be honest I don’t know too much about it either, but this isn’t what usually comes to mind! But perhaps the most beautiful photo of them all is the barbecue

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