Camels outnumber Koalas in Australia! Fun Facts

Camels in Outback

In my recent trip to Uluru, I visited a camel farm which claims to be Australias largest one.  I had seen in pictures, the line of camels parading in the backdrop of the stunning outback sunset. So when I found out there is one close by, I wanted to see it.  I dd not go for a Sunrise or Sunset camel ride, but just for a short 15 minutes ride where the bubbly girl spoke about the camels.

Once I got back, I read more and was excited about my findings!

Camels in Australia
Camels in Australia

Fun Facts about Camels in Australia 

  • Australia is home to the largest number of Camels. The expected number is between 750,000 and a Million
  • They are the No:1 culprits in causing destruction to the people as well as to other animals. They drink up too much of water leading to the water holes getting dried up. (Each camel can consume 200 liters of water in less than 3 minutes !). They also eat away the trees and plants which limits the food options for other animals. Apparently, a good portion of the Cattle station/farm maintenance goes into fixing the troubles caused by the wild camels. Just like the roos and wallabies on the roads, camels also cause road accidents! ( though in my three outback trips I have never seen them in the wild – may be a good reason for the next one)
  • The first camel was brought from the Canary Islands way back in the 1800s and then the camels, as well as the cameleers, worked in digging out the outback for various purposes including the building of Ghan railways
  • The Ghan Railways take its name from the “Aghan” cameleers who helped in exploring the country’s remote interiors
  • Today, Australia exports camels to Saudi Arabia for consumption. What an irony!
  • They outnumber the national cutie Koalas!
  • The male camels get aggressive when they find a female camel and hence those who have camel farms try to keep both separate (not sure about this, but a local said that male camel’s noses are so sharp that they can identify a female presence even from miles away! )

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  1. I knew there are camels in the outback but I’ve never seen wild ones, I’ll have to go deeper in the bush… It’s amazing that the Saudis have to come here to replenish their own flock of camels, I heard that it’s because the breed is very pure here.

    1. Yea I think it is best of the breed. I did see in some other blogs where they have actually seen camels in the bush … Maybe next time!

  2. Like you I have never seen a camel in the bush. I have seen a few road signs warning people to beware of the. It is a shame they are so destructive, there is something very romantic about the descendants of the Afghan camel herds wandering through Australia’s outback.

    1. Yea it is a shame. I did read somewhere about a cattle station owner telling that they go around in helicopters and shoot down the camels at sight and let them rot there. For someone to do that, it must be a real nuisance 🙁

  3. Huh! I never thought of camels in Australia! It sounds like they are an invasive species wreaking havoc on the environment, though – drinking up all that water and damaging people.

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