Top 11 Things to do in Fiji Islands

Sunset in Fiji Islands

What to do once you reach an Island?

Fiji is one such place where you have a lot of things to do once you choose an Island to explore. I have written a post on how to plan a trip to Mamanuca Islands. Once you reach Mamanuca Islands or any of the Fiji Islands, you are in for countless options.Here are few things which you could do .

     1. Swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters

Some of the Fiji Islands have clear blue waters than the others. Make the wise choice depending on your preference.

Fiji Islands on a pleasant sunny day

      2. Collect Snorkelling gear and go for Snorkelling(or Diving) 

Most of the Island’s offer snorkelling equipments. It is worthwhile to ensure that your island of choice has   clear waters for snorkelling

I got a little scared at the sight of a Big Yellow Eye which was almost of the size of my Palm. I could not identify what creature it was!

     3. Get a Massage

One remarkable thing in Fiji is that you can see ’Massage’ Boards wherever you go! You can choose to get a massage  done either from the resort itself or from the locals in the island.

Massage Boards in Fiji Islands

   4. Kayak around the island

Kayaking in Fiji Islands

   5. Enjoy mouthwatering Sea food Dishes

Since it is coastal area, food is real awesome with a slight coconut flavour. Make sure to try it along with a Fiji Bitter or Fiji Gold beer!

   6. Take a stroll around the Island

Some of the Fiji Islands are bigger than the others and to get around them walking is always the best thing, though options of biking are available in few of them.

A Stroll in Fiji Islands

A Stroll in Fiji Islands

   7. Visit a School

Schools entertain visitors and the kids are very much interested in meeting the ‘foreigners’ . You are encouraged to make donations to support the kids, schools & communities.

School Visit in Fiji Islands

   8. Enjoy Kava

‘Kava’ is a traditional Fijian drink (mildly sedative) often consumed in ceremonies as well as casually. Accommodations usually organise Kava nights which let you experience the traditional way of drinking Kava. Though Kava does not taste good and often leaves your mouth numb, it is definitely worth the try if you are interested in experiencing the local flavours. I would say, while in Fiji this is a must to do!

   9. Buy Souvenirs made out of Sea Shell

In Fiji Islands , you tend to see a lot of people selling jewellery & show pieces made out of sea shells. It could be just anywhere including the resort entrance or next to the beach. Why not get it for your loved ones or just for yourself?

Souvenirs for sale in Fiji Islands



   10. Island Hopping

Most of the resorts/islands organise island hopping for an additional cost. However personally Iam not a huge fan of it unless there is something peculiar in each island.

   11. Watch the Sunset

Fijian Sunsets are brilliant.  Make sure to get a glass of wine and watch the sunset when you are in the Islands.

Sunset in Fiji Islands

None of the photos in this article are edited for enhanced visual effects in order to bring out the authenticity of Travel experience.

Hope you had a nice time reading through . Have you been to any of the Fijian Islands ? How was your experience ? Do you like the fact that none of the photos are edited ?

What To Do in Fiji Islands

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  1. Great photos, and I totally agree with this list. Fiji is great for when you want to kick back and relax. Such a peaceful place! Thanks for the share.

    1. Thanks Silke. I totally agree. Especially for us being away from rest of the world, Fiji is an easy paradise !

  2. Lovely pics. We went to a school but I have to say it left me with a very uncomfortable feeling. Next time I’d just take things and have them delivered without the ‘tour’.

    1. Yes Lydia , it is not very nice feeling .Also at some level, the fact that kids are being used for tourism promotion purpose is arguable.

  3. To be honest, I have a lot of stories that there arent much to do around Fiji islands but then most of them are adventure junkies! Your post just proven them wrong…if you are there for a laid back holiday and need some relaxation. Out of your list I would like to try the Kava experience as its something I never have try before! Making the mouth numb sounds very interesting.

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