About Me & Why I Wander

Hello & Welcome to Why You Wander.

I am Rohini, a travel enthusiast Engineer from India currently living in Australia, who decided not to quit the 9-5 job to travel just because I simply love my job.

How to take my travel urge to the next level has always been intriguing. Recently, when I took a moment to pause and self-evaluate, I felt the wander lust in me is much more than what I had ever realised and then, being me it was inevitable to action on it. Next three months I spend on weighing out the options of ‘quitting the job, packing my bags and getting out for travel’ vs ‘taking a sabbatical and getting out for travel ‘. After a long deliberation, I came up with a third one which was to continue to travel smart, where I don’t have to quit either of my love, neither the job nor the travel.

Why do we Travel

This decision inspired me, to give back to the travel community and be a professional blogger (After all, having two professions is never a crime!). Then, Why You Wander was born.

While I am inspired by the full time travelers, I come across a lot of people who are interested to travel but struggle with opportunity, money or time or all of them. Through this initiative I want to be a source of inspiration and information for them, whilst I try to bring out the best that the travel world can offer. I hope I will be able to show you the art of being a traveller and not a tourist even if you are on short term travelling.

Though I do not plan to restrict my travel blogs to certain topics, I will be emphasizing on articles which would help you to plan short term travels efficiently. Excuse myself for some of my overly packed itineraries, as at times I still struggle striking a balance between relaxing & sightseeing!

So if you have a job which you don’t want to leave but want to indulge in travel, then you have landed on the right site.

My mission here is to help & inspire you fulfil your travel dreams especially those who cannot dedicate a lot time in travel due to professional or personal commitments

I stand by my motto Work Smart, Travel Better. Follow me & I will show you how.

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