Tasmania in Winter – A Photo Essay

When I planned for a trip to Tasmania in Winter, few of my friends asked why . It will be cold & damp. Why don’t you go in in spring instead ?

I had my strong reasons. Always I prefer off-peak season due to multiple reasons. Less crowd, less expense & more enjoyment. What more do you want ?

Anyways, I packed my bag for a long weekend and went to Tasmania.

This was my second trip to Tasmania & first trip during winter, and yes I was happy wth my decision. Let the photos speak now.

Winter in Tasmania - Dove Lake

Cradle Mountain National Park is the ‘must to do’ if you are visiting Launceston. And one of the best locations in here is the Dove Lake.


And when it is covered with snow along with the reflections, it looks even better !

Winter in Tasmania - Dove Lake

Yet another View of Dove Lake.


Strahan is a small harbourside village located on the west coast of Tasmania.A quite little place to unwind. And yes, the day was as bright as summer!

Iron Look out

Iron Blow Lookout is another stunning location in Queenstown.The view of open cut mine is sure to blow your heart away.

Tamar Valley

And those beautiful wineries in Tamar Valley.

Grindelwald Swiss Village

And the swiss village of Grindelwald!

None of the photos in this article are edited for enhanced visual effects in order to bring out the authenticity of Travel experience.

Have you been to Tasmania in Winter ? Did you enjoy it?  Which location was your favourite?

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    1. Hi Tara
      The open cut mine looks even more beautiful on a sunny day 🙂 But I was on a rainy day, still, it was beautiful … Glad you liked it.

  1. That blow lookout looked amazing and mysterious at the same time. Natural beauty sometimes couldn’t be explained, its just so perfect to look and describe.

  2. I am totally with you, I prefer off-peak season travel as well, not just for the discounts but less crowds also so I can see more and enjoy the popular tourist destinations with less pushing and shoving and less strangers in my photos! 🙂


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